Sunday, March 31, 2013

Madewell opens on Rush

This could be trouble.

At 10am on Wednesday, Madewell will open its downtown location in the heart of the Gold Coast. I love this store for many reasons but most of all for its effortless pieces. Everything is so mix and match, that little thinking is involved. I can't wait for the opening party (who's going?!) on Tuesday night since it'll be my first fashion event in quite a while. Here are some of my must-haves once I step foot in that place (okay maybe not the 700 dollar leather jacket, but a girl can dream!).

Be sure to stop in this Wednesday, April 3rd, for your Madewell fix (932 N. Rush). They're going to be giving away 150 mystery gift cards (GIFT CARDS PEOPLE) from $10-$500.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wanting: Tortoise

It's about that time for a refresher on my eye glasses. I just went glasses shopping with a friend and have realized how old my current pair is. Old and dated. Right now I wear Ray-Ban wayfarers and want to try something lighter-weight and in tortoise shell. I'm loving extreme tortoise shell and especially loving the 'clubmaster' look at the bottom. Any other (cheap) ideas?

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And now here's the bad news. My home computer has crashed, well it's actually expanded somehow (you read that right) to the point of it resembling a marshmallow. A marshmallow that doesn't work. Has this ever happened to anyone? There was no water or physical damage done, it just decided to...bloat. Until I save up for a new Mac, the outfit posting will be slowing down a bit. So where are those violins?