Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wanting: Tortoise

It's about that time for a refresher on my eye glasses. I just went glasses shopping with a friend and have realized how old my current pair is. Old and dated. Right now I wear Ray-Ban wayfarers and want to try something lighter-weight and in tortoise shell. I'm loving extreme tortoise shell and especially loving the 'clubmaster' look at the bottom. Any other (cheap) ideas?

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And now here's the bad news. My home computer has crashed, well it's actually expanded somehow (you read that right) to the point of it resembling a marshmallow. A marshmallow that doesn't work. Has this ever happened to anyone? There was no water or physical damage done, it just decided to...bloat. Until I save up for a new Mac, the outfit posting will be slowing down a bit. So where are those violins?

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