Friday, May 18, 2012

Suits that jump

I'm a romper's #1 fan, talk about an easy outfit. But let's take it one step further, shall we, and discuss the romper's mama bear: the jumpsuit.

I can't get enough of the glamorous unitard. It has a certain chic and playful attitude that not many other pieces have. Very versatile too; wear it with flats, heels, on a date, running errands, on the toilet and then you realize you're naked because you have to take the whole thing off.

Okay I'm done. Let's just say I'm on the hunt, my first prey might be this one from Zara.

Photo from Elle
Photo from Refinery 29
Photo from Street Peeper
Photo via Paper Dolls
Photo via Paper Dolls
Wait! It's not over yet! While perusing the Internet for the perfect jumpsuit inspiration, I stumbled upon these masterpieces from Stella McCartney's latest resort 2012 collection. Wackiness ensues, including some jumpsuits. Photos via The Fader.


  1. I do believe my favorite is jumpsuit number two. Trying to think if it was actually the 80's or 90's when I wore it....

    1. Agree! That one is my favorite, although that darling first one might just be tied for the winner.