Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wearing: White hotness

Weekends like last weekend only call for two things: light clothing and air conditioning. I only had the former (sigh, rentals without central air), so I enjoyed the 90+ degree weekend in this pretty white dress.

I love me a good hand-me-down. This one, a Marc Jacobs gem, is from my dear aunt. Borderline bridal, the itty bitty spaghetti straps add romance; the flowy skirt keeps it casual. The sandals are my ancient Cole Haan gladiators, which are so comfortable I can't even stand it. Well, I can stand it. All day actually. Without any pain or blisters.  Damn shoes are genius.

Dress: Marc Jacobs (love this light white dress)
Sandals: Cole Haan (adore these
Lips: Vegas Volt by M.A.C.
Eyeglasses: Ray-Ban


  1. talk about PERFECT bridal! if it were, love the orange lip! it just sets this look off

  2. I LOVE this dress! You are wayyyyy too pretty. :]

  3. This just screams "perfect summer dress" cotton, white, and twirly in the wind!


  4. you're grandma must've been super fashionable! i love your dress!