Tuesday, April 10, 2012

This just in: Bakers Shoes re-opened on State Street

Hey Chicagoans, Bakers is back! Bakers Shoes re-opened their State Street location and I was thuh-rilled when they invited me to take a gander at the new digs.

They baked up a whole new look and the second I walked in I was immediately happy. Weird, right? The effect that shoes has? The new store is colorful, happy and most importantly, filled with footwear.

I was greeted by Aramide from The Sassy Peach and we cut to the chase. The shoe chase.

One word: variety. Heels, flats, platforms, oh my! Whether you're a colorist or a nudist, er, the clothed kind, you'll find something. Plus, with the money you'll save on the shoes (Bakers is very financially friendly) you can indulge in an accessory or two. See? Shopper's logic.

I snagged the Autumn sandal in orange. I'll wear them with some cool green cargo pants or a flowy neutral skirt. 

And I conclude this post with the stylish Aramide wearing some color-blocked beauties.


  1. I'm following you now! I like so much your blog! :)


  2. Great post and I'm loving your blog in general! And thanks for the fab pics :D

  3. Love Bakers! I wish I was there because I spot some goodies I'd like to take home!

  4. Bakers has such great shoes! I die whenever I go in there.

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  5. cool ideas, good taste and style!

  6. Aww just found out your a local chicago blogger! I am as well! I wish I knew about the re opening! hope to keep in contact!