Thursday, July 5, 2012

Shrine to Taylor (not me)

I seriously get a lady boner over Taylor Tomasi. As one of my ultimate style icons, she embodies everything I love about fashion: the classic lines, the simple yet somewhat deranged behavior, the ability to wear whatever you want simply because you love it. And simply because you feel like a freaking rock star wearing it. An expert in layering, a pro at color combinations and the world's most effortless dresser, Tomasi is a true fashion mascot. Her hair is a perfect shade of fiery red and, frankly, it makes me want to dunk my head into a bowl of hair dye for three days. When I need some inspiration of what to whip up next, I turn to the holy and daring Tay Tay

Pale blue ensemble with a casual low bun
Photo from Gastro Chic

Leather skirt, basic top, chunky necklace
Photo from It Girls Don't Cry

Chunky sweater and sequin skirt
Photo from DJ Premium Blog

Crazy top and tortoise shell glasses
Photo from Brigadeiro

Casual chunky layers with no jewelry
Photo from Brigadeiro

Baby pink
Photo from Le 21 Arrondissement

The most rad leather dress and strappy heels
Photo from Styled by KL


  1. We Taylors are in very stylish company...

  2. gah! she is just so gorgeous! love the layered look for chilly summer nights.