Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall wearing 101

Fall is here, which means your outerwear is now your first impression. At least in Chicago where the temperature has dropped dramatically and the wind is relentless.

Anyway, let's talk coats. I've got camo fever, I'm daydreaming denim and might just keep my bathrobe on all day. Happy shopping!

Camo and leather sleeved

Left: Topshop
Right: Topshop


I foster denim in a different form - denim ponchos, denim vests, denim sweatpants. I love the look on the left - subtle yet show stopping. I found a few amazing whole sale web sites (SheInside and InDressMe), which have a ton of cute options on the cheap. If you go denim vest, I recommend sizing up. A baggy vest looks more high fashion, a smaller one tends to read teeny-bopper.
Left: SheInside
Right: Madewell


Mmm. Leatha.
Left: SheInside
Right: InDressMe

Dark plaid

For some reason, I'm digging dark plaids. It could be due to the fact I just watched a documentary on the return of No Doubt (Hey, Gwen Stefani's affinity for masculine plaid is inspiring) but I think it's mostly because plaid is an interesting neutral. Keep it soft, though, nothing loud. Think dark shades or simple color combinations.
Left: Nordtsrom
Right: AllSaints


Because style is comfort. And in the shape of a bathrobe. L-u-s-t-i-n-g for the gray one.
Left: InDressMe
Right: InDressMe


I leave you with what will soon be your future, especially to all the Chicago wearists: a parka. A fat puffy parka that's sure to leave you warm but shapeless (unless you go with the below).

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