Monday, December 3, 2012

Wearing: An autograph

Last week I went to the Museum of Contemporary Art to see streetstyle god Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist say some words and sign some books. I'll start with the words. His photographs are undoubtedly beautiful, but I clung to what he said about what he hopes they do for his readers. While most photos of a fashionable, trendy person are meant to tell a story (who are they, what do they like, are they crazy, etc), Schuman wants his photos to start a story. Is that gorgeous girl in Paris wearing socks with sandals and should I do that too? Should we start talking about Spring 2013? What is this galaxy sweatshirt all about?

After he spoke, we were herded to stand in line for two hours to get our books signed and, to my surprise, our hands shook. I was not prepared for the hand shaking since I had my book in one hand and my queued up phone in the other (to get the below picture). I ended up fumbling for what seemed like five minutes just to touch the damn man. I was also not prepared for him to ask questions. How are you today? What do you do? Oh a blog? Do you have a card? I gave him 10 cards, almost the whole wallet, and walked away on top of the world. A very stylish world.

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  1. That's amazing! Scott Schuman was the person that got me into blogging. x