Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Everyone's sporty now

I swear, it seems like everyone's running. I'm running errands, others are running races. I stand in the grocery line, people are crossing the finish line. Don't get me wrong, I exercise regularly and love a good jog. But it's always when a major race lets out that I'm at the Golden Nugget eating eggs and bacon (yes, stealing bites of my boyfriend's french toast) and looking out the window watching post-racers in awe. They walk around with race bibs still safety-pinned like they were back in fourth grade leaving their tonsillectomy hospital bracelet on as a conversation starter. It's their badge of honor and absolute right to make the 'hey I just ran a race what have you done today' look. Anyway, long story longer, a race bib is the newest accessory and it's starting to show in today's style. Athleticism is the new black and for some reason, Adidas track pants and four inch stilettos just make sense. And not in a shacker kind of way.

I want a pair of Golden Goose sneaks, but a girl's gotta pay rent (they run around $500, $250 a foot). Superga is a more affordable brand for a similar look. For example, these and these.

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  1. cool inspiration post - the sporty look is WOW, amazing
    x the cookies

  2. Great post! Reminds me of a post that I saw on We Wore What, glam sweatpants! x

  3. there is a new cross fit place literally right between my favorite doughnut shop and coffee shop. it makes it real awkward to walk the 25 feet from one door to another while shoving my second maple bar in my mouth while the cross fitters are rushing out to do their parking lot sprints. i just usually give them a (sticky) thumbs up. however, i do love the sweatshirt/athletic/somehow dressed up look going on right now.