Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The decorated ear

I love Sienna Miller. Her beauty is classic and her style is chic. So, naturally, when I saw her on the red carpet for the Golden Globes she caught my eye. First of all, her dress is strikingly similar to this black top I have. Win. Secondly, her one decorated ear was a subtle punch of amazing with a double-pierce and ear cuff. Who knows if it was intentional but now I want another ear pierce. And a new cuff. Off to Claire's I go?

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  1. I pinned the crap out of this earlier. I LOVE the two earring thing. LOVE. Will do it soon.


  2. I had a 14K etched gold ear cuff a couple years ago that I adored! It was an awesome eBay score. Unfortunately a too quick tussle with a pair of fuzzy earmuffs snatched it away and I have yet to find a comparable replacement. :-( Sienna's photo is setting me on my mission.