Friday, May 24, 2013

In there like swimwear

When Chicago does decide to warm up, I've already got my favorite two-pieces lined up for summer. I tend to keep my swimwear quite neutral; the less trendy and bright, the more wearable all season. Plus, simple suits tend to look good pre-tan (now) and post-tan (August). I recommend getting cheap pieces you can mix and match so your bathing suits never get old or boring. And try to stay away from crazy silhouettes (scalloped #4 or cutout #7 is about as crazy as I'll go)...nobody wants a weird tan line.

Have a great long weekend!

1. H&M

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  1. Totally into #6! And with you on simple bathing suits! Plus they are timeless go to's when you don't feel like standing out as that one girl in the neon bikini...every summer.