Monday, September 3, 2012

Wearing: LBD on LD

Happy Labor Day! In honor of the last day to wear white until next year, which let's be honest is a rule I will not abide by, I'm really living it up in, um, black.

This dress is another discovery of my own closet, a treasure I think my mom got for me in high school in hopes I'd wear it to homecoming or something. Long story short, I didn't, but I kept it because for some reason I can't ever get rid of a LBD. The dress is quite shapeless (picture maternity dress for the stylish impregnated) so I belted it. The rosettes are the added bit of sweetness.

With all this said, I will surely bring this lightweight piece with me to New Orleans. Oh yeah, I'm going to New Orleans this upcoming weekend for a ladies vacation. Any suggestions? Other than bring an umbrella in case Isaac decides to spit all over my Cajun dreams?

I'm rambling. Welcome, fall. Welcome, plaid and leather and boots.

Dress: Forever 21 (more rosettes here, another great LBD)
Sandals: Bakers (sold out, love these)
Belt: H&M 

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  1. So cute! how great does it feel when you find something you forgot existed? :-)