Friday, June 14, 2013

Wearing: LWT

Thank god it's Friday and thank god little cute white tops (LWT) exist because they are taking over my closet. There is something so sweet about a basic white top with delicate detail, but I'm almost too into white these days because I'm having to make a conscious effort to wear color. Perhaps it's because I'm so busy at work that white is just easy, fresh and clean looking. It's darling with light jeans, edgy with dark jeans. This one's from H&M (their new collection is killer right now, i.e. my favorite sweater).

Top: H&M
Gold necklaces: Forever 21 (here and here)
Flats: Old Navy
Sunglasses: Karen Walker


  1. Love the simple white top with your necklaces. Totally agree with you about H&M, their latest collection is great! x

  2. I'm in Love with white tops right now as well they're just so easy to pair with! Love this post!

  3. Tay, can you just come to DC and make outfits for me?! I NEEEED IT.



  4. Super stylish appearance.. Loved it.. And loved that cool pair of sunglasses for women.. :) XoXo

  5. H&M is really an amazing fashion boutique.. Looking fabulous!