Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Guest post: Hemingway and Handbags

Did a little blogger-bartering and traded a post for a post with the girls from Hemingway & Handbags. H&H is a pair of uber cool girls with uber cool style so I triple dog dare you to check them out. 

Hey there Chicago, Taylor has so graciously offered us, Hemingway and Handbags, a spot on her fantastic blog! 

So to switch things up and flip this post, we would like to share with you our most current dilemma.  Don't worry we are not turning this into a self help post, we just wanted to discuss the weather. Original right? But seriously... we live in California, Southern California to be exact, and following Fall Fashion during Santa Ana season ain't easy. With that said, we have figured out a few tricks of our own (or so we like to think) that allow us to participate in most cold weather trends without sweating off our make-up. 

 We have concluded that there are 3 major ways to embrace Fall and simultaneously beat the heat. 

1. Fall colors, obviously. See Monica's green/black and Michaela's navy/black combos. So not ss12.
2. Light clothing: Michaela's pants may be pants, but boy do they let in a breeze thanks to cotton. Meanwhile, Monica ditches trousers all together and rocks bare, but very fall, legs. We are both wearing T-Shirts, thick knitted sweaters are just not possible...yet.
3. Booties: Riding boots cut-in-half. Need we say more?

And there you have it, a California Fall through the eyes of two weather wimps. 




  1. You don't lie.
    These girls are uber cool and stylish. Not to mention GORGEOUS.
    I love how they make everything look so effortless, but the truth is - I couldn't pull of half of the gorgeous pieces they wear.

    Thanks for the introduction!
    tiana of l'esthetique

  2. the lighting is gorgeous in that photo!