Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Neck wear

It's back, baby. The basic turtleneck. The neck prison. The uncomfortable, tight noose that is choking you to death. Fine, I'm exaggerating (but not really for all you neck phobics). But just watch ladies. Cowl necks are outta here and turtlenecks are inna here. Even Rihanna thinks so.

I'm sensing a neutral theme here (white, black, gray), which is good because careful - you're one step away from a kitty cat sweatshirt or stupid Christmas sweater with dangling ornaments.

AND TOLD YOU SO. Tucked-in hair is absolutely a thing.

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Cheap turtlenecks here, here and here.


  1. I have a love/hate relationship w/turtlenecks. I love they way they look on others, but on me, not so much. It's pretty much a rule that you can't rock a turtleneck & a large bust, so there's that. Plus, they make me feel a bit claustrophobic. Or, my neck feels that way, at least.

  2. Great post!!

    Great inspirations !!

    A blog like this deserves a new follower!

    Hope to see you back on mine for a peek :)