Wednesday, November 21, 2012

White leather jackets

I recently acquired a white leather jacket so I'm experimenting on ways to wear it without looking cheap. I say acquired because I scoured my mom's closet, which can only be described as glorious, and she let me borrow it. "Borrow." Tag was still on it. Meaning she hadn't even worn it. Meaning I might have permanently acquired it. Meaning lucky me.

I love white. White is clean, is crisp, is fresh. Is susceptible to stains. All the more reason to wear it in leather form if you ask me. While gathering some inspiration, I'm seeing that a white leather jacket looks good with black, gray and most importantly: White.

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  1. I want a white leather jacket! So many cool ways to wear them..

  2. I've always wanted a leather jacket, but I never thought about a white one... xx

  3. I like the pic on PARIS !! wooo

  4. Hello! You always seem to find the best digs while thrifting! I am coming to Chicago this weekend and am hoping to pick up some used/vintage pieces. Any spots you recommend on your must shop list? Could possibly even make for a good topic of a future post...? Take care.

    1. Hey! The Wicker Park neighborhood has great thrifting and vintage shops (plus yum eats) but I love Crossroads Trading in Lincoln Park and the Urban Outfitters surplus also in Lincoln Park. Happy Shopping!

  5. This outfit look so gorgeous..! you look amazing like hell

  6. Both are looking very attractive and amazing, I like black and white leather arrangement. if they wear celebrities leather jackets then both will look like a picture star.

  7. White color looks simple and cool.
    This color seems very sober but this looks very charming.
    If you want to see more colors in jackets Plz see this website:

  8. In the frequent blog of your site, she seems to be gorgeous in wonderful outfit with a superb leather jacket and with different looks is too good. I like to buy celebrity leather jackets.

  9. Wow beautiful color, I mostly wear black & brown Leather Jackets but never tried this color before but now I am going to. I want to appreciate you for sharing :)