Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Wearing: Baseball tee

Not just any old baseball tee, a fancy baseball tee. Found at H&M for a ripe price of 7 dollars. Sometimes their sales are just unfair.

I immediately fell in love with the cut of it, the color of it, the material, the interesting seam on the shoulders that may be hard to see from these photos. As you know, I'm always into the dichotomy of a polished top and destroyed jeans (for example, this post), so I wore it with my ripped jeans and sleek heels. Hey, batter batter.

Top: H&M (clearance)
Jeans: Thrifted (similar)
Heels: Zara (love these)
Sunglasses: Freebie from Marlboro (read story here)

1 comment:

  1. Some days the cheap stuff is just that--the cheap stuff. But some days, it's like shopping magic. Don't you love those days??