Monday, August 20, 2012

Wearing: Lav

Because who doesn't like a good abbrev.

I've never really dabbled with lavender, purple hasn't attracted me (yet), but the ever so subtle shade and the sweet little details of this blouse were irresistible. Buttons on the back?  Excellent.

I suppose I should bring up the aviators on my face. The story behind them is weird so I'll caveat that I am not a smoker. I kid you not, they were a freebie from Marlboro mailed straight to my door. Like Moses in a basket. I have nothing to do with Marlboro but sometimes I get random promotional fliers and such, the glasses being the "and such", the Moses if you will. Kind of like those Teen Vogue cosmetic bags you get when you renew your subscription. But sunglasses. From a tobacco company.

Top: Zara (clearance, love this one)
Skirt: Urban Outfitters (similar)
Booties: Bakers
Bag: Francesca's (old, love this one)


  1. LOL love the title of your post and super chic outfit!


  2. Those aviators are....wait for it...wait....SMOKIN'.

    And I'm done, I swear.