Friday, August 3, 2012

Wearing: Bobbi Brown

Last night I went to a cool Bobbi Brown event at the Bloomingdales counter at 900 N. Michigan, hosted by Yanira of Manolos, Manicures & This Mom and Rita of Chitown Fashionista. I took my partner in crime Flavia to preview the new fall collection, "Sunset". Inspired by, well, a sunset, the collection was full of warm hues and subtle sparkles. I got totally motivated to amp up my beauty repertoire since I'm usually a three stop shop in the morning - blush, eyeliner, mascara.

Yanira did an amazing job with my makeup, I forgot what I looked like with eye shadow on! After making the skincare expert gasp when I told him I have no makeup or skin care routine (none, people, none), I made a quick exit to meet up with my girlfriend in town from D.C. The meet up of drinks turned into a party bus (don't ask).

Gorgeous photo credit to Flavia.

From left: Yanira, Me, Flavia and Rita


  1. Super pretty! Love it and the dress!


  2. You look amazing - I'm so jealous that with no routine your skin looks the way it does!

    1. Thanks, Girl! I still don't think sleeping in the day's makeup is a smart idea... Xo

  3. These images came out great! Thanks for joining us!