Friday, June 15, 2012

Wearing: Tiger tank and tutu

I'm so lucky I have a job that lets me wear tutus to work.

Guys, I don't work at a place that lets me wear tutus. I work in a relaxed advertising environment, yes, not as a dancer at Joffrey.

I wore this last weekend to lunch and I'm still not quite sure which piece got more looks: the tiger tank and its creepy green eyeballs or my full (and short) tutu. What's even more awkward is that when you stare at the tiger, it stares at you back. Muhaha.

Tiger tank: Forever 21
Tutu: Gifted by Mom
Shoes: Colin Stuart with Victoria's Secret (on sale!)
Sunglasses: Karen Walker
Clutch: Forever 21 (old, similar)


  1. LOL @ "Muhaha"

    If only I were brave enough to wear a tutu outside at this age!.. However, you look quite adorable. ;-)