Friday, June 8, 2012

You can be my best fran

These colorful string bracelets are bringing me back to my summer camp days and my beloved, exquisite string box that I treasured. I was quite the friendship bracelet factory - trading and bartering like they were going out of style. Clearly they're not.

Come September or October, my stacked wrist of bracelets (representing my friends, of course) were gray and matted so my mother would cut them off in my sleep. Then, I pouted and cried. Now, I thank you mom.

A bright summer accessory that is beautifully D.I.Y. I'll probably just B.U.Y.

Photo from Le Cheap c'est Chic
Photo from Style Scoop
Photo from Honestly...WTF
Photo from 2 Threads
Photo from Every Loves Fashion

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  1. Friendship bracelets fall in that "I feel like I shouldn't buy it because I can make it" category...but ultimately I never will. Never mind that I wasn't that talented at making them to begin with...