Monday, June 25, 2012

Wearing: A Wild Pair

My shoe fairies at Bakers asked if I could review some of their new summer sandals and naturally I responded with a  "duh, yes/always/with pleasure". You all know how drunk I am on summer sandals so why not just get drunker. 

The Bakers line, called Wild Pair, has some super wild styles but since my shoe game is a little more down to earth I gravitated towards the Elaine (I already own - and love - these). The Elaines are really unusual sandals and "unusual" typically means "expensive", which these are not. The patterned ribbon is ultra soft, so I can walk in them all day (blister free!). With an awesomely earthy color scheme, I wore them with a cool green cargo and a basic cape top. Is a cape considered basic?

White cape top: Urban outfitters (old)
Green cargos: Forever 21 (similar)
Sandals: Wild Pair by Bakers

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  1. Those flats are so awesome!